Hedwig Parden
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Hedwig Parden

We restore old and damaged artworks to make them look the same as the day they were created.

Art is timeless. Unfortunately, the materials used in creating them are not. When you start to notice the following signs of damage on your prized collection, send them to us right away so we can keep it from aggravating:




       Water Damage

       Fire Damage


       Missing parts


Follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. Call us for an initial estimate

We will need to ask for high-quality pictures or videos to assess the damage, and give you an estimate of how much it would cost to repair.

STEP 2. Pick up

It’s understandable how you might feel hesitant to send your artworks through couriers who might end up mishandling them. That’s why we partnered with a trusted courier who will pick up the artwork straight from your home, and safely deliver it to us.

STEP 3. Assessment

We will assess the damage to see whether there’s more to what we’ve initially seen. Afterwards, we will send you the final quote so you can decide whether to proceed or not.

STEP 4. Keep in Touch

There’s really nothing more to do on your end except to keep in touch with us. We will send you regular updates regarding the project, and we’ll ask for your permission before doing any major repairs.

STEP 5. Delivery

You’ll be notified once the item is ready for delivery. We will send photos and videos so you can check if it already passes your standard. You can also ask for final revisions before we have the item picked-up.

We also have a storage space for collectors who want their art to be taken care of in a controlled environment. Check availability by sending us a message.

Fine Arts Insurance

It’s no secret how pricey artworks can be. Getting them insured will take the worries and stress when an accident happens. We work with multiple insurance companies by helping them assess the damage, and see how much would be needed to restore artworks back to their glory. We can help you provide all the necessary documentation needed to claim your insurance too!

About Hedwig

Hedwig Parden is a well-renowned art restoration specialist and art curator. She also teaches art conservation at the Rhode Island School of Design and even helps out with interion design works by Curlys Carpet Repair Burnaby and exteriors have been handled by Kerrisdale Roofing and Drains. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University. She leads a team of experts in her eponymous company which she started 25 years ago.

At Hedwig Parden we specialize in bringing back color to paintings that already faded with time or those that got damaged due to mishandling. But we also repair sculptures and artifacts.